• Growing Roses in Subtropical Climates

This book answers the most common rose growing questions, and some less common ones. * Why don't the roses I buy at the florist have perfume? * How and when should I prune my roses? * Why can't I use roundup near roses? * Can I grow roses successfully using organic controls? * After I prune, how soon can I expect to pick flowers? * How are roses named, and what do the codes mean on the labels? * What are the best roses for subtropical climates? * How do I create and name my own rose varieties? Over the years there have been many articles written on growing roses in subtropical climates. As the President of the Queensland Rose Society the author wrote many of them. What has been missing is a more comprehensive rose growing guide. Almost every available rose growing book in Australia has been written in South Australia or Victoria. The advice contained in those books is less suitable for the subtropics as the authors have little experience in the toils of gardening in humidity. Growing Roses in Subtropical Climates has 166 pages of content and has been written in plain English, so you don't need a horticultural degree to understand it. There is even a glossary in the back for common rose growing terms. Full of illustrations and colour photographs, this is a reference that gardeners will keep close at hand to make rose gardening simpler.

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Growing Roses in Subtropical Climates

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